God’s Cake

By Frank Benjamin

Sometimes we blame God wondered, “what I had done until I have to go through this all?” or “why God let this all happen on me?”

Here is a wonderful explanation …

A boy told his mother that things were not going as he hoped. He got a poor grade in report cards, breaking up with her ​​boyfriend, and her best friend moved out of town. At that time his mother was making cakes, and asked if his son wanted to taste it, she gladly said, “Of course, I love your cake”

“Here, taste this butter,” said his mother offered. “Yaiks,” said his son.

“What about raw eggs?”

“You’re kidding me, Mom…”

“Want to try wheat flour or baking soda?”

“Mom, all that disgusting…”

Then His mother replied, “yes, it does not seem nice when viewed one by one. But if mixed together through a process that is true, would be a delicious cake.”

God works the same way. Often we wonder why He let us through times of difficult and unpleasant. But God knows if He let it all happen one by one in accordance with the design, everything will be perfect in time. We just need to believe this process is needed to improve living us.

God loves us very highly. He sent flowers every spring, the sun every morning. Every time we want to talk, He’ll listen. He’s there every time we needed him, He is in every place, and He chose to dwell in our hearts.

So.. keep blessing Everyday!


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2 Responses to God’s Cake

  1. gerd says:

    selalu berterimaksih kali yaa…
    kepada yg di Atas…

  2. Nanang says:

    Gak ada alasan kita untuk tidak bersyukur terhadap apa yg telah diperoleh…

    Allah sudah memberikan banyak nikmat pada kita….dari mulai matahari terbit sampai terbenam sudah sepatutnya kita wajib b’syukur

    Jika kau bersyukur maka akan ditambahkan…itu adalah janji Allah…

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