Tiring Sunday… The Prom Nite…

To a friend…

The Prom NiteCell phone ringing sound of a dream I realize that is not so beautiful in Sunday’s empty and without rushing. I rushed picking up the phone that comes from one of his friends, was an invitation to hang out at night. I do not promise to come… in addition to the effect that the flu is still stubborn, are also derivatives cough…. that bothers me… Actually, I’m interested to join, for some reason he had to wake me so early, though I know it also has no morning… hehe… now and then I glanced at my computer, tempted to turn it on, open the fb sites… haha… why do so love to open the fb site… I undo my intention…. I still lay before….

I decided to take a shower… After so immediately rushed to dry off and lay down for a moment on the bed, after thinking and fought with a sense of laziness in my mind was reading the morning paper and look for the movie event… Well there is Terminator Salvation… I tried to contact a friend… somehow I always think about it, after the last meeting about a month ago… she was so special… it feels like always see you…. Always thinking about her… I meant to ask her to watch this film or maybe just drinking coffee… Unfortunately she was tired after work tonight… hiks

Because not so I lay back… uh… eventually fell asleep, apparently still feels the influence of this flu… In the afternoon again I was awakened by a ringing telephone, a call from some friends back to tease… I decided to join… 7 pm…

Arriving at a local club in Kemang, South Jakarta, that night… right on time I present the agreement, the place was filled with various kinds of people, both blonde reddish, yellow, and a handful of blacks… Feeling came too soon and know I waited long enough, I message Heineken bottle… A waitress came by carrying a green bottle and a glass of white transparent high with moisture in the surrounding… The waiter poured the beer into a glass the wrong way, giving rise to abundant foam. Regardless of the foam, I glanced at the clock on the left hand and thought at least I’ll wait… Apparently my friends are on the way….
After spending at least 1 / 4 the beer that poured into the glass, sighed as he listens to its surroundings, I felt uncomfortable in the stomach… so I decided to change the order a soft drink alone. ..

That night I was somewhat taken aback, some teenage couples dressed formally, the men wore suits and women in backless evening gowns in part by challenging entering the building, after being dropped in the lobby with a limousine. That his girlfriend looks so up high with her high-heel. Perfume foam to make a little gasping breath….
They are graduates of a leading secondary school in Jakarta, which will host the prom nite. Prom Nite is after high school graduation party that common in America and Canada. She is in the form of a formal party as reflected in the clothes the teenagers-who are sometimes followed by a post-prom and rah-rah event…

Teenagers in Indonesia, especially Jakarta also contaminated prom nite fever which is usually held in the month around May-June now. The development of the epidemic style from year to year, must be spread among others, by the American teen movies, put from American Pie to make a film that anyone who spirited adolescent/young crazy, Twilight.
They are the youngster is generally beautify themselves for a long time.. hummm… Both with his evening dresses as well as determining their partners, where they will come in pairs… (This last question…. A headache for the singles… hiks…)

For some people this can lead to shock, changes in lifestyle that is driven by the current massive consumption of this age… Compare with a college graduation ceremony in Jakarta on a hot, some graduates come with a bajaj (three-wheeler ride – public transportation)…
How do we see all this? In a matter of lifestyle, including consumption, there are undoubtedly quite complicated issue. It has broad implications, even politically.

Seeing the teenager had a party I think is quite interesting, lifestyle… hummm… whether to sort hermeunetics complex, not merely in awe, or even ignore it… That is the reality of this era… who was born as a child of mass culture

I miss the old friends… adherents of mass-pop artAndy Warhol… Where Indonesia is… I’m confused… go crazy…
I miss the ‘friend’ close to me… who did not so I’m taking… maybe next time…

While I gasped…, patted my shoulder a few friends who are coming… We immediately asked for food menus, snacks and drinks… Chicken Wings, Steak, Double shots Midori, Carlsberg… A servant woman back to allow us to move to a bigger table… chat casually…. joking and others… It was good to see these friends… though slightly staggered, stubborn flu… I have to go home…

What a night! Just another night! Tired….

Tuesday, June 2, 2009
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3 Responses to Tiring Sunday… The Prom Nite…

  1. gerd says:

    memang kita perlu memikirkan sbnarnya kmn negeri ini mau dibawa…

    tetapi terlalu konservatif juga aq tidak setuju….
    model spt apa yg terbaik..?????

  2. JOJO says:

    Klo menurut gw siih Prom Nite mungkin hanya terjadi pada pelajar kalangan ekonomi yg cukup ada…klo untuk pelajar yg ekonomi menengah ke bawah,,,mikir2 dulu x…boro2 buat Prom Nite…buat bayar kelulusan ajah…mungkin bisanya nyicil x….

    Prom Nite….emang penting yah…???

  3. nez says:

    menarik… inspiratif

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