Looking For…

By Putra Malam

In the dim evening
Let me look for a face
As the picture later…

Where where I stand
Much has been honed
And now living hope…

I opened my eyes
I witnessed what I feel
I looked among the millions of colors…

However, I faced
It is only the dim without color
Without a shadow there…

I stood at the waterfront
And looked far middle
I’m looking if there beneath the waves…

But still I found just a wave …
I drifted thoughts in words
Meet the fatwa of the poet…

Among the beautiful words
I sought the meaning and significance of this unrest
But really…

I really do not find
In addition to anxiety and yearning in his clear green light
I do not know…

I’m looking for


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One Response to Looking For…

  1. Nanang says:

    Ku cari….kan ku cari….jalan terbaik…agar tiada penyesalan & air mata….cek…cek..cek…

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