Love? Hmm…

By Linda Yasmin

To a Friend…

I begin this story of my meeting accidentally after a fortuitous event greeted me so beautiful.

I so admire him, his soft, polite speech he said that imagination is able to lull me like I was hearing the voice of an angel who asks doing. Ah … but for people who do not have the feeling it must think it sounds mediocre as the voice of young women generally.

“When they come from, Fi? How are you doing? “She asked, smiling, holding out his hand to me beautiful. For me every inch of her looks so beautiful.

Welcome my beautiful hands, with a smile “I’m fine Nay. You what? “I asked while neutralizing the feelings behind to look mediocre. And I was so happy that I feel there is a melodious song playing in my ears, the song that represents my feelings to a sense of joy permeated throughout my body, make me tremble. This meeting began to trigger the flow of dopamine to the brain and spread throughout the body feels so warm. According to psychologists this flow that is felt when in love.

Nayla, my classmates when I was sitting in elementary school, a woman who could tempt my soul to this day. 10 years have I left my hometown to study and work in the city side, today I’m back to celebrate the day of Fitri with my family.

The night before my departure I wander to my hometown to remember a childhood incident that made me smile alone. And the sweet face that made my smile widening. In my prayers in prayer tonight I pleaded with his Maker, if I met again with the girl that is able to drain the flow of dopamine it into my body, I ventured to ask him would be my life companion.

And it is true at the time greeting Takbir still echoed and Minal Adin Walfaidzin still be the words most in demand on that day, I met him. But just met and shook hands as he asked about each course. What a cowardice me, how stupid of me, why only news that should tell him. Why did not I at length told him that I miss him very much, that I was ready to her hand in marriage , that I was ready for her birth and the inner living. Ah … silly me! My heart said it regretted what I did.

“I should dare, what I fear?” Asked me again.

I gathered my strength to my advice dream this to my family, they must be very happy and agree with the decision and choice. “Well, all are gathered, it might be time for me to announce this decision,” I said again to myself. I was sitting between my big family waiting for the right to this good news.

“It is time that the children choose their respective partners,” he said. Daddy like reading my mind. “Isrofi my son, when your turn to introduce to our candidates for our daughter?” Ask dad to me. Shoots beloved side dish arrived, God ease my path. “If the father will now also be a father,” I answered confidently. “What a happy father, in this week’s proud father of two sons announce important news, after your brother asked dad to propose idol girl now his brother’s turn. But it should not be in time turns adjacent, ” said the happy father.

Apparently my brother had also decided careful choice it, means I have to wait several months to woo the girl I admire. Never mind, the important thing I’ve steady on Nayla.

“Next week father and your mother will apply Nayla to your brother,” said the father. Praaaaaakkk. My face turned toward the right, toward the sentence came from. The sentence was as if slapped my left cheek so that I suddenly looked at my father directly. Dad must have misread my mind, my father must be a mistake, my father must be wrong. Let’s say the sentences are true father, Dad and Ma will propose Nayla for me, for Isrofi. My face was tense waiting for dad fix his mistake.

“Next week you’re still here, Isrofi? Dad and Ma you wish you can accompany your brother, “said the father again. Nooo, that’s not the words that should be the father say, not the father, father please read my mind.

“How Isrofi? Can?” Asked the father again. I’m still waiting for dad to improve her words, why fix it so long dad. My lips stiff, stiff my nerves, my whole body rigid. Like my blood stops flowing. The living room is my home as if there’s only father and me. Dad is waiting for my answer and I are awaiting sentence corrected.

(Source, 22/7)


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One Response to Love? Hmm…

  1. Nanang says:

    B’korban dan ikhlaskan smuanya…untuk keluarga t’cinta & org yg U cintai…..
    Bukankah cinta butuh pengorbanan..???

    Memang gak mudah…tapi
    Q yakin U akan di kasih yg terbaik….

    Tersenyumlah untuk org2 yg U sayangi….
    Walau hati menangis….

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