Pride and Nationality

By Tubagus Cahya

It irony when life in nature free is still a lot of people are very very poor, living only to eat today, and tomorrow eat anymore either when procurable, many things that we can ponder over what we get for this. . . . . . . . . .

In short trip to KL is much wisdom that I can take, the so-called PRIDE AND NATIONALITY, maybe we’ll shout Merdeka and crush Malaysia, Hajar Bleh the language thugs, what I saw was we felt very harassed when Ambalat plagued with provocation, or case workers who were tortured, or the THE BEAUTIFUL MANOHARA THAT ABUSED by Her husband TT (her husband famous singer also known as Datuk K., happy to abbreviate… hehehe… the name …..) maybe it is a reflection of the character and culture of the feudal, that they still hold strong, so much that sometimes annoying, they work not for longer looking for a bite of rice, but it just profession which must be lived.

You do not expect to get such a clean TAXI Bluebird on the streets of Jakarta, they are always in a style that sucks, you will be asked to pay a flat for two or three time the meter, especially if the request is delivered to local traffic, because they do not need money, but they work as a profession, if they deem unfit to walk you, various pretexts will be in to convey them.

Really, if I speak as a citizen I am proud to Indonesia, I am proud with the attitude of our nation that temperamental, Hajar BLEH first, think later. . . . . . . . . .
Do not be dazzled by gold on the other side, look at the coral stone on the soles of our feet. . . . . .. Although just a stone but a lot of benefits. . . . . .. .. One of them throw away your forehead a stubborn …!!!!!

(This note only complaint because of the Taxi driver in Kuala Lumpur)

Friday, June 12, 2009
(Not his real name)


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2 Responses to Pride and Nationality

  1. gerd says:

    kita memang tetap dituntut bangga kpd negeri kita…
    walaupun banyak kekurangannya… 🙂

  2. Nanang says:

    Patriotisme Harus donk….
    Klo bukan kita syapa lagi…… ^_^

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