In Ancient Hugs

By Yuli Budiyani

on sheets of papyrus aging
berbait written script
yellowing in the arms of the shabby
if only time spinning twice
‘go through life with no desire to repeat
and only the color of the rainbow
not a cloud line on
bounded real black and white face of the earth
no gradation
but history kept running day follow the numbers
tale story came and went after another
mystery wrapped in rainbow-colored
freshest air in the morning
painted on the sheet of memory

(Source, 30/07/2009)


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2 Responses to In Ancient Hugs

  1. JOJO says:

    Hidup memang seperti pelangi….MEJIKUHIBINIU… satu yg pasti…waktu gak akan pernah kembali…selalu berputar dan terus berputar…..

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