Prayer of a girl to find her soulmate…

By Frank Benjamin


I pray for a man, who will become part of my life.
A person who truly loves you more of everything.
A man who will bring in second place in his heart.
A man who lives not for himself but for You.
Handsome face and physical attractiveness is not important.
The most important thing is a heart that truly loves and thirst for You.

And he should know for whom and for what he lived, so that his life was not in vain.
Someone who has a heart the wise is not only an intelligent brain.
A man who not only loves me but also respects me.
A man who not only I admire but can also give me advice when I do wrong.
Someone who loves me not because of my beauty but because of my heart.
A man who can be my best friend in each time and situation.
Someone who can make me feel as a woman when he was next to them.

I’m not asking for a perfect, but I asked a person who is not perfect, so I can make it perfect in Your Eyes.
A man who needs my support as my firm.
A man who needs my prayers for his life.
Someone who takes my smile to overcome her grief.
Someone who needs me to make her life be perfect.

And I also ask:
Make me into a woman who can make him proud.
Give me a heart that love you, so that I could love him with your love, not love him with just my love.
Give a gentle spirit that beauty comes from you not from outside myself.
Give me your hand so I was always able to pray for him.
Give me your eyes so that I can see a lot of good in him and not a bad thing only.
Give me your mouth full of wisdom and words of encouragement, so I can support it every day.
Give me your lips and I’ll smile at him every morning.

And when finally we’ll meet, I hope we both can say “how great God is that You have given me someone who can make my life be perfect.

I know that You want us to meet at the right time and you will make everything beautiful in its time that you specify.



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One Response to Prayer of a girl to find her soulmate…

  1. Nanang says:

    Mudah2an masih ada yah di jaman sekarang Gadis yg mendambakan pria yg demikian…..

    Bukan cm sekedar wacana doank…..

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