Underwater Temple? Why are so crowded…

Candi Bawah Laut Taman PuraStarting from a section of coral reef conservation project in 2005 Gardiners Reef named Taman Pura who want to preserve coral reefs and the intention to improve the economy of local fishermen in Bali, exactly Pemuteran area. At a depth of 15-29 meters of sea water which received funding from the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAid).

This project involves diving companies, scientists, hotel owners, fishermen and activists of environmental conservation to protect and rehabilitate coral reefs and to improve the food supply of fish.

But remarkably there was someone on Twitter to spread the photos on the depth of the area complete with temples under water, naturally exotic displayed image, so that much more inviting interested parties to discuss, including the mass media on the go these days to debate authenticity of the photos distributed to the virtual world, and the existence of ‘temple or an ancient temple’ it.

Patung Taman Pura PemuteranThe earliest known photographs of the temple under the sea that it was owned by a businessman diving equipment in Pemuteran, Singaraja, Bali, named Paul Turley … Hahaaa

But it could be busy as well ..? Moreover, the completeness of the temple sculpture as much as 10 it is designed in such a way and drowned in the area of coral reefs and diving, yes of course to create a dramatization of this reef areas …

The idea is clever and on the other side to attract divers and tourists who are interested to dive into this area, yes ….

Diving in Underwater TempleAs said Paul Turley – the businessman diving itself is quoted from his blog, “Inspired by my time in the Gili’s I returned to the UK determined to chart my own course and one-day captain a base of my own.
Many years and Thousands of dives have past since That time. I’ve crewed divebases in the Mediterranean and over the past ten years I’ve captained and crewed divecentres for a mixed bag of merchants, rogues and adventurers in Pemuteran, Bali NW.
But I never lost sight of the star That guided my dreams, I’ve just patiently worked, learned and awaited my own tall ship …

I think the idea and Mr. Turley legitimate purpose, he had good intentions and as long as no harm other parties, because of our own love of the sea need to be reminded always echoed, in order to become a part of life itself. So go ahead!

Indeed many unique places in our country that presents special events, this time the excitement is different. Why is not it? Turley’s goal seems okay …!

(Various sources, kompas.com, http://www.searovers.net/Photos Paul Turley)

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5 Responses to Underwater Temple? Why are so crowded…

  1. novi says:

    yes… u’re cool Paul…………….. i like this….!!!

  2. setyamontana says:

    keren deh….candinya di bawah laut..kira2 air lautnya bisa dikuras gak yak biar gak usah nyelem kalau mau lihat…wkwkwk.. 😛

  3. septie says:

    Ide bagus dan kita harus memikirkan juga, bagaimana kalo itu terjadi pengeboman para pencari ikan yang tidak bertanggung jawab…

    Tingkat keamanan dan kenyamanan, sangatlah penting tuk menarik para wisatawan…..
    Maju terus Baliku……..


    apapun ide baik dan cemerlang guna untuk meningkatkan hal-hal positif apalagi menguntungkan … hal ini perlu di agenda kan oleh pemerintah kita, membuka kompetisi bagi masyarakat untuk berlomba-lomba membuat ide yg cemerlang dan baik untuk negri kita tercinta …. sallluuuutttt

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