Berlusconi’s Women…

Ruby the Heart Stealer

Ruby the Heart Stealer

Silvio Berlusconi, 74, Prime Minister of Italy, also the owner of soccer club AC Milan apparently started hot, worried after recording his phone conversations lead results will be revealed in court (Wednesday, April 6, 2011) over the case involving girls under age. The scandal came to be known by the term “Flowers“.

Despite these cases, it helps us see who’s about women who are involved in there, among others:
1. Barbara Guerra (32), TV showgirl.
2. Karima El Mahroug aka “Ruby the Heart Stealer“, Moroccan-born woman allegedly a prostitute who was not old enough.
3. Skorkina Raissa, a Russian-born star.
4. Marysthelle Polanco, a showgirl from the Dominican Republic, Central America.

Top of this case Berlusconi seems harsh opposition from the Italian community itself, seen from the number of participants on a Saturday rally yesterday, April 3, 2011. Seen among the thousands of protesters celebrated Italian writer, among others, through his book “The Name of the Rose“, Umberto Eco.

We are here to defend the honor of Italy, to remind the world that not all Italians are the same,” said the writer.

It’s hard for the prime minister to get out, recording a conversation between 43 young stars who are involved in sex scandals have been leaked to the press since last weeks. Heard in conversations between the girls, for example, there are worries among them about the possibility of Berlusconi transmit various venereal diseases, including AIDS. There is also about jealousy between them about the different gifts or payments received from Mr Berlusconi. Quite fun also to hear the entire conversation results this leads.

Silvio Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi

Leakage consists of three parts. First record, people suspected of Berlusconi seems to speak to the person alleged to Nicole Minetti, a former showgirl-blooded Anglo-Italian and a dentist who has been pushed forward to Berlusconi’s political stage as a member of the board of Lombardy region. (, April 6, 2011)

The second recording, 26 September 2010, involving Berlusconi and Raissa Skorkina conversation, where Skorkina allegedly phoned Berlusconi at his residence outside Milan, Villa San Martino, to tell that she was “running out of petrol“.

The third recording, 4 October 2010, allegedly between Berlusconi with Marysthelle Polanco, the girl asked for help in finding a job in Berlusconi’s television and Berlusconi was willing.

Related to this scandal Berlusconi seems to need to work to convince the Italian public, as written on the site to quote The Telegraph, its popularity dropped from 50 percent in May last year to 33 percent.

Berlusconi would not stay silent for sure, look at the defense and then, stir his audience, “Although my asshole, 33 women in the last two months is still too much, even if I am 30 years old, ” he said.

It’s true Mr. Berlusconi, who is capable? Too tired!

(Adapted from, Photos of The Telegraph)


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  1. trix says:

    Wow… Ruby… Cantik deh!
    I like u, beautiful girl……

  2. bam's says:

    kalau sudah ketahuan, memang repot deh…
    walau harus dibuktikan melalui pengadilan….
    siapa tahu….

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