The Okinawa Way.. The Long Age People!

The Okinawa WayAn article at a site portal, today talking about why the people who lived in Okinawa a long life. An article written by Jodhi Yudono, journalists questioned whether the present-day human beings can live up to 120 years old?

A big question, of course. Perhaps we will be amazed to see why the people at the beginning of the century could reach hundreds of years old, while now only 60 years old was considered elderly. Dr Handrawan Nadesul revealed that, quoting a study from Dr. Walter M. Bortz in Maximum Potential Life, that “A study revealed that the human body designed to be able to live 120 years.

A residential community in Okinawa was the research proving this is true, this can be read from the book “The Okinawa Way” according to a Harvard University study for 25 years ago.

Real picture of the people there showed, that the people who live in the southern Japanese island that has a pattern of lifestyles consume natural food. The term, “Back to nature” In other words, do not shy away from this kind of food, rice, tofu, tempe, vegetable acids, and bananas.

Okinawa Log Age PeopleHandrawan say to build a healthy quality of life is the accumulation of habits, beliefs, and attitudes that lived during the lifetime. Life is to be managed as we manage a company, we became the manager, what activities should be done every day. Nothing wrong not when considering live a better, cheaper and gratitude given longevity, with a live diet, exercise, and stress control.

Meanwhile, the book The Okinawa Way itself became a best seller considering an offer in it, it illustrates how to enhance health and longevity dramatically. Expressing the need to maintain daily, diet, exercise and lifestyle practices Okinawan society makes reaching the age of the world’s longest.

It is not making it up when the desire is there, slowing the aging process, life, long filled with health, energy, and independence.

– Regular and healthy diet, food Glycemic index low-carb, healthy fat and protein and reduce the excess fat by body weight regulation.

– Teaches how to form proper sports, such as tai chi, reduce stress with meditation, and bring something new understanding to develop inner spirituality through the work performed by cheerful and happy, and build a network of friends and family.

Do we who live in more modern centuries is not feasible to imitate their ways if so? Long Life has always been a dream of many people, so why not? Come on healthy living, healthy behavior and a better outlook towards life and a more promising future!

(Photos from The Okinawa Diet Web site, Okinawa Centenarian Study)


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  1. trix says:

    Of course… I like the long age…. Great!

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