Reform Order Where Are You Now? New Order Better?

Kerusuhan Mei 98Hot day, Dadan only thought immediately went home, school today was not too crowded. Said the teacher in state elementary school, Grogol in the number of children should go home soon. Everyone was busy talking about the excitement yesterday, he saw himself in the vicinity Citraland, billowing smoke, coming from a car that burned trash under a bridge overpass crossing Grogol. The people seemed running to and fro, she watched from the roadside chaplain Kiyai Tapa, Grogol.

Similarly, in television apparent chaos that begins from about crossing it, there is a campus which, from the bridge overpass, there are the shots leading to an opposite Citraland, shopping mall, which he often visited with his friends after school to just watch games there.

Jakarta hit television reported that a mass riot, stems from the shooting incident that led to the campus in the surrounding Grogol and then like there is an invisible hand, the riots spread everywhere, no burning places of shopping and seen the chaos and looting in action entire city.

Teacher’s said a few weeks later after a more quiet situation in the city and school children re-learning, the teacher said that this is the beginning of a movement called Reform, change form of government ordinances. The teacher further said that President Suharto has resigned and will soon be determined that a permanent successor. So, but he still did not understand what that reform? Whether the reform will be better than before?

He only knew that after school at home mom always provide them food, and her heart happy! Reform is it? More well do after the order is executed?

Is my country becomes more developed then and its leaders better than previous leaders? That was 13 years ago, Dadan is currently working at the Roxy Square, a mall that a lot of hawking mobile devices, cellular phones, various gadgets and all accessories model. He never forgot this place was not spared from the events as if there were riots in congregation there are a set 13 years ago, Riots in May 1998.

Kerusuhan Mei 98While waiting for prospective buyers or people who offer cell phones used to it for later resale, he took time to read a newspaper kiosk located at the glass shop where she works. Proving survey, New Order Better! Thus the headline had read, the article was so tickled him, because he saw himself at that time all the riots that are near the place of residence?

Excerpts news said, Indo Barometer survey is a slap for those who consider reform as the momentum for change, “It’s ironic that shows how the regime (New Order) who wants to be corrected even seen better,” said M Qodari, Executive Director of Indo Barometer.

Is it true that the results of the survey? M. Qodari saying, this national survey using multistage random sampling method to generate respondents representing the entire population of adult Indonesian public. The data was collected by direct face to face interviews using a questionnaire. The confidence level of this survey is 95 percent and the margin of error of +/- 3.0 percent.

Ah, to him was able to work alone in the middle of difficulty to find jobs in today was grateful, whatever the meaning himself, little man. Reform Order is better? He did not know!

Jakarta, May 16, 2011

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