Irma Nici also a client of Strauss-Kahn

Irma NiciKristin Davis, better known as the “Madame Manhattan” a famous pimp in America tells how when he was introduced to Dominique Strauss-Kahn, former Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) by Irma Nici, came from Bosnia. Irma Nici said that Strauss-Kahn has become one of her customers in Paris during this.

As reported later Strauss-Kahn was indicted on seven charges, including forcing the chambermaid Hotel Sofitel, New York to perform oral sex on her and attempted rape.

Related introductions that Irma Nici figures apparently also made the news. Who does not know Irma Nici, considering he once caught and also having an affair with a world soccer star, David Beckham, an accusation which then (of course) immediately denied by Beckham.

Nici Irma (Irma Nezirovic real name) worked in a model agency, Wicked Models, a Manhattan escort firm where Kristin Davis as a boss in there. She grew up in Holland after her parents were refugees from Sarajevo.

Wicked Models Agency’s Kristin Davis has dozens of celebrities at between 10,000 clients on her list, which Davis said Strauss-Kahn had contacted two times in 2006. He noted that Strauss-Kahn was first called her to a girl in January and then September 2006 and she returned with complaints that Strauss-Kahn aggressive and she did not want to serve it again the same thing happen again in the second time, “told me to not send the girl back to him (Strauss-Kahn). ” Davis added, “Strauss-Kahn rude and aggressive.

Strauss-Kahn is being hit by bad luck it seems.

A biographer Strauss-Kahn, Michel Taubmann, the French journalist who works for Arte, the Franco-German TV network, and the Director of Le Meilleur des Mondes Journal wrote several books and his most recent is a biography of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, “Roman Le vrai de Dominique Strauss-Kahn (Le Moment, France)“, published on May 5 and has a different assessment, “Strauss-Kahn, an accomplished seducer? Of course! But he’s not a rapist.” That’s what I wrote in his book published a few days before the scandal.

While Strauss-Kahn had been released on bail worth 6 billion dollars from the jail on Rikers Island, but still closely monitored for 24 hours. All right, let the American courts to find the truth.

(From many sources,, 20/25 Mei 2011/Photo


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4 Responses to Irma Nici also a client of Strauss-Kahn

  1. -dN5 says:

    I want to make a correction about the article above …


    In paragraph 4, written

    “Nici Irma (Irma Nezirovic real name) worked in a model agency, Wicked Models, a Manhattan escort firm Nowhere Kristin Davis as a boss in there. He grew up in Holland after his Parents Refugees were the resource persons from Sarajevo.”

    The word “He” and “his” there is wrong, should be “She” and “her “….

    Thank you!

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  2. aLi says:

    i love u, Irma!

  3. ratih says:

    she’s cute! i like her…. 🙂
    even what’s she’s been doin’ so far….

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