FC Barcelona’s Extraordinary!

Champions League Final 2011Watching the match Champions League Final 2011 in Wembley Stadium, London, Saturday or Sunday, May 28 2011 early yesterday morning pm very tempting! Referee Viktor Kassai of Hungary led the game between Manchester United versus FC Barcelona‘s really a treat “creme de la creme“, best of the best.

As first seen about 8-10 minutes so the Red Devils dominated the game, but it did not last long, The Cules slowly began to lock the game. Turned over and the midfield is really controlled by Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez. Field almost 60 percent are in MU territory, their rearguard looked nervous and seemed to Rio Ferdinand lost control of his friends in the back area.

The Cules, FC Barcelona is really enjoying their football philosophy was, victory or defeat is not serious in Barcelona’s football philosophy.

Is a legendary player at the same time spiritual guru Barcelona, ​​Johan Cruyff who transmit the spirit of it. The spirit is not fixated on the lose-win. As quoted by the Times, won the trophy of success is a fantastic champion. However, if success is not achieved, it is not something to be lamented.

Champion is one thing, the important thing. However, to come up with your own style to make people imitate and admire you. That’s the greatest gift, ” said Cruyff.

This game early in the first half runs beautifully, Pedro scored in the 27th minute immediately rewarded by Rooney at minute 34. spectators into tense, rumbling sound in the stadium. Thrilling!

Latter half of the stage prowess Barca, scored a matter of time. As depicted in the beginning of this paper, the back row MU so nervous and even as fascinated to see dancing of the Messiah, Lionel Messi! Spectacular!

Look at how his Nemanja Vidic fascinated when he saw Messi had palying the ball, he just reacts a little, lifted his right leg, as if to block the ball. But the devil knows what makes it so, not usually his way, considering he was one wall that is difficult MU skipped. The ball got away with it to the left of goalkeeper Edwin Van der Sar, he was so mad at him, “Hey Vidiiiiiiiiccccc, why did you let the ball, Oooooohhhh …….” holding up his hands in dismay!

Messi’s second goal of the minutes to 54, Messi was so proud to remember this is the first goal in the mainland UK! And the Red Devils began to rage, they lose focus of the game, Barca controlling they’re opponent. It’s finished!

Statistics also noted that Barcelona deserved to win against Manchester United in the final. Barcelona controlled the game in 90 minutes to reach 68 percent, great! His opponent is not haphazard club, Manchester United – The Red Devils!

Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson is already so well prepared team, but then he himself admits, “We lost. There is no other way to explain the situation. We were beaten by a fantastic team of course. However, I hope we do better. Finally, we will admit that we lost by a better team, ” said Ferguson.

He also added, “I think they are the best team we’ve ever opponent. They are in the best point of their cycle and you get a team who raise themselves to that status and I think Barcelona is the team,” he said.

Here are the statistics of the games:

* 63% Possession; Barcelona ended the match with 63% possession of the which at one point was as high as 70%. Their ability to strangle That little white round thing was inimical to Their Success as United chased shadows – literally.

* 19 Shots on Goal: 12 of the which were the resource persons on the target. Compare this to Manchester United’s … zero, yes zero shots on target. Does Wayne Rooney’s goal count as a shot on target?

* 12 Goals for Messi, Lionel Messi scored his Twelfth Champions League goal this season to equal the record set by Ruud Van Nistelrooy.

* 100 Goals in Two Seasons, apart from netting his first ever goal on Home soil – at the home of football – the Argentine superstar Also netted his 100th goal in two seasons. The ‘Flea’ Also equalled Cristiano Ronaldo’s goalscoring record this season.

* 0; Manchester United Had zero corner kicks compared to Barcelona’s five.

* 124; Barcelona’s midfield maestro Xavi clocked up an astonishing 124 passes on his own thus trouncing nearest rivals Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand’s Who completed a measly 40.

Barcelona is amazing! Sir Alex Ferguson, also admitted Barca’s greatness, “Throughout my career as manager, Barcelona is the toughest opponent. They played very well and enjoying the football.

(From many sources, kompas.com, inthestands.co.uk/Photo wikipedia.org)


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