UFO Want to Take a Travel to Bali

UFO in BaliA quiet residential complex in Housing Citra Pratama, Kelod Kerobokan, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia is inhabited by a variety of middle-class family. They always do their daily activities as appropriate family in general.

One night in June on Tuesday, tranquility in the neighborhood is disturbed, what is it? Of course for those who are unfamiliar scenery up there, in a black sky bright lights plastered like a night market, so much!

What is it? They look mysterious flying objects and the only visible lights from flying objects are highlighted. A girl, Rini, on the way back to her home also saw this, she was very surprised, not as usual. Flying objects with light scattered, at first she charmed and then realized, this is not usually an airplane that is often seen at night. What’s this?

Seeing the object of an alleged UFO or Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) alias these mysterious flying objects, Rini and other residents fear. Worried things happen that they think will affect them.

Rini’s sister, Diajeng Susilaningrum with fear asked her to get home, he had seen a UFO sighting as much as two times in two weeks, along with a domestic servant with another family.

My son was so frightened, it shines so bright!

True, the object appeared at night in a rice field locations around the housing. At first only once, and they consider normal, because it looks just minutes away. But apparently that’s all very open, objects that float back and the time was longer, approximately one hour, the appearance of a second. Rini immediately took the cell phone and take pictures of flying objects that are burning.

As Rini said later, “It looks like the plane is stationary, not moving, just floating in the air. At the bottom of the plane there is a lot of very bright lights,” she said.

Is it true UFOs like they think? Who can explain this phenomenon, why? Because this time they actually dare to show themselves. Do they really have not been to Bali see the sights of nature and culture that is so beautiful there.
Why not, right?

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(Various sources kompas.com, Tuesday, June 7 2011/Photo Rini Wulandari)


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