Jakarta Fair 2011, Another Interesting Place to go!

Jakarta FairPekan Raya Jakarta is held again from June 9 until July 10, 2011 future, the largest annual exhibition in Indonesia. It’s name just “pekan”, it means weeks, but in fact, usually for one full month starting mid-June in order to celebrate the capital city of Jakarta.

Jakarta society generally been aware of this event and for most residents there, this event always brings great memories to them later. As like a night market, this event is used as a family event, children always remember it later. Parents would be busy when their children ask for invites to it, because it would have to provide a special budget for the family.

A friend who often go there every year saying, “There once crowded, it’s interesting. Sometimes stand guard looks arrogant and less friendly to visitors. But, still nice to go there!” she said.

Great performances as quoted from the site kompas.com, in addition to various promotional events products (furniture, interior, automotive, handicrafts, garments, mobile phones, properties, multi-product, food and beverages etc.) made in the country for to compete in the country’s economy as well as a platform to expand overseas market segment, this year around 2600 companies and 1300 stand which enliven the target transaction execution for 32 days amounted to USD. 3.5 trillion, very large number.

Jakarta Fair Live Music StageDo not worry if there just look around or window shopping, because in addition to a place of entertainment with your family, as well as a forum to obtain information on the latest products desired by relatively affordable prices. Although prices are on display all relative, if for the deep pockets may not be problematic.

But if only to amuse yourself and your family to that place, this arena also provides entertainment and live music, with interesting offerings, the Jazz Vaganza, a special stage presentation of jazz. Who does not like and if you want the other music is also available at some other stage. Great!

Interesting place to go, come on!

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(Various sources, kompas.com, wikipedia.org/Image wikipedia.org)

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