The World’s Oldest Woman is Finally Dead!

Maria Gomes ValentimLong-lived all too willing, but later became the oldest person alone also seems a situation that is not so bad. Why? Certainly no more playmates or friends who understand what is desired.

Want to talk about music are confused, while the times have changed. Certainly unusual for the oldest person in the world and then listen to rock music or maybe need to travel somewhere, for example! Haha…

Guinness World Records previously noted there is a 114-year-old woman named Besse Cooper from the United States, then the record from Guinness was changed after a Brazilian woman, Maria Gomes Valentim, dated May 1 and then apparently able to bypass Besse Cooper age. Well, apparently the game long life increasingly crowded.

Registered in the name of Maria Gomes Valentim is (born July 9, 1896) she became a widow since 65 years ago, a long period of solitude without a husband for complaining each other. At age so long as quoted from the site June 22, 2011, she was known to suffer from pneumonia (which then took her to the death) and has long been using a wheelchair.

The World's Oldest PersonBelieve in the near future will emerge another name that is able to reach that age, such as famous people in Okinawa who were able to achieve an average age of the population over 100 years. Would long as they aged?

The question is difficult is not it? Each person would want, but until when? When you get older and the strength and passion remain as 30-year-old would not be a problem, if there is otherwise troublesome.

Of course there are positive things we need to take, such longer-old recipe, among others appreciate a healthy diet, it means do not eat haphazardly. She is faithful to all the doctor instructions who cared for her over this. She was blessed with one son, four grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren and five great-grandfather. Perhaps it is enough to comfort her in her solitude is.

So what’s wrong with the long age?

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(Source, G1 Globo/Image CC)

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