Richard Gere in Indonesia, canceled ride an elephant!

Richard GereAs reported in many media, Indonesia arrival of a celebrity world, the famous actor Richard Gere. Since Saturday, June 25, 2011 he arrived and was even met with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on Sunday, June 26 yesterday.

His visit to Indonesia was in a private capacity along with his wife, Carey Lowell and his son, Homer James Jigme. Presence while also at the invitation of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Indonesia.

Agenda has been prepared for him in such a way and so full, he became busy. Broad community of fans pouring in from various cities and neighboring countries, just wanted to see it directly. During this time he was more often we see through his famous films, like “An Officer and a Gentleman” a romantic and touching movie about a dog, “Hachiko: A Dog Story” and other films like “Pretty Woman” a romantic and thrilling the soul. Wow… Many of his films are always remembered later, he is great actor and a warm personal.

In addition to meeting with the president he was present at the event Celebration 1000 years Arrivals of Aisha, a Buddhist priest who studied Buddhism at the Borobudur Temple, Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. As known Richard Gere is a Buddhism and the founder of Tibet House, a Tibetan cultural center in New York.

The Masterpiece of Borobudur BalletThe event was so full make it quite tired and he was scheduled to witness a colossal dance, The Borobudur Masterpiece Ballet at night and follow a variety of events since Monday, June 27 prepared by the organizers there. Among other things he would do besides meditation ritual “Peace Walk“. In this ritual, Gere doing a ritual of pradaksina, walking around the Borobudur temple three times with hundreds of monks while reading parita-parita (Buddhist prayers).

Apparently from the many people seemed enthusiastic about the event, Richard Gere has previously explained that he wanted the convenience and the capacity of the visit is private. Community and journalists seem so crowded, he looks tired. Never mind, it’s the risk of the famous people.

So that one event to tackle void, an elephant ride around to visit several tourist villages around Borobudur Temple, because they feel less comfortable with the number of people and mass media.

It’s okay, the arrival of the famous actor has been able to recall about the Borobudur Temple as one of the spectacular world heritage and the revival of tourism in Indonesia.

(Various sources / Image CC)


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  1. trix says:

    I like ur fiLm….. But more better if ride and elephant…. :p

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