I can not afford that much, 5 times a day, says Berlusconi!

Silvio BerlusconiBerluconi apparently growing concern, the case is unfolding after a new witness presented in court in Milan to explain the sexual behavior of Berlusconi. Berlusconi continues to face trial for alleged sex party. The witness was Dr. Umberto Scapagnini.

Scapagnini describes sexual behavior of the Prime Minister of Italy is very unusual for the affairs of this one, age is not an obstacle. As is known Berlusconi have reached the age of 74 years. He often perform a variety of sexual activity, sex party with young girls (some even minors) are often termed “Flowers“. According to him, Berlusconi has the power of sexual intercourse up to five times a day. Really great!

Physically, he’s like still 60 years old or younger,” said Scapagnini.

Karima El Mahroug aka “Ruby the Heart Stealer“At first, Berlusconi is not too worried, but when played telephone recordings Berlusconi leads to a number of parties, when the case began unfolding last year, he looked shaky as well. Some have called among other things, a lesbian politician, Nicole Minetti, 25 in front of the President of AC Milan football club, then called another name, a TV cameraman Emilio Fede, 79 and the entertainment business agent Lele Mora, 55 who was charged as a party in charge recruits prostitution.

It was unfortunate indeed for Berlusconi, he must prepare his defense before the court later in Milan, Italy, despite all the allegations that prosecutor Pietro Forno given to the court said, the show specifically for Berlusconi.

While his football club will busy prepare for the next season, he should busy fending off all the allegations, Berlusconi would have to work hard with his defense team to cancel the charges.

He always said, it was impossible to do all the things alleged, too much! He is old, so, but who can believe in? The flowers were very tempting indeed any man. Wow

(Various sources kompas.com/Image CC)


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