Hope Indonesia escaped from the FIFA ban

PSSIToday on July 9, 2011 PSSI Extraordinary Congress PSSI (Persatuan Sepakbola Seluruh Indonesia) will take place in the city of Solo, Central Java. The Congress was again held after a similar congress on May 20, 2011 in Jakarta failed to take place, as some groups of voters want the candidates for chairman passed as a candidate of their choice.

While chairman of the Assembly headed by Chairman of the Normalization Committee Agum Gumelar as officially designated by the sports world football body FIFA has banned two candidates for chairman of the desired by the majority owner of the voice PSSI, former Army Chief of Staff George Toisutta and oil tycoon Arifin Panigoro.

As reported previously, the organizer of the congress was to prepare everything so that congress can go smoothly, “Our hope is similar to others, that there will be no deadlock at the moment. We do not want to accept the sanctions as FIFA has given us a second chance,” said Tubagus Adhi PSSI spokesman there.

Many parties, including the football pessimistic this congress will go well, remember to this day have not found an agreement how the way out so that both candidates were rejected FIFA’s no longer included in the candidate to be elected at the congress today.

Is the organization capable of passing football Indonesia congress well? Of course there is always a good hope, but if the parties do not obtrude too willing to compromise, so be prepared Indonesia (PSSI) a ban to play in the milieu of world football.

All parties should realize that Indonesia (PSSI) alert with all matters concerning the implementation of sport organizational. Achievement is not improved, it should be a mirror of various parties to unite together to build soccer, not fighting.

The long road still to be taken by anyone later on when congress goes, whoever is elected as chairman of the football just a very heavy task in preparing the competition that is free from any element of interest, except for pure sport. Can we?

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(Various sources /Image PSSI)

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