Facebook become a ‘tool of resistance’ in Malaysia

Wow… It’s a pretty interesting news considering recent weeks suffering from the presence of facebook competitor, Google+ which will soon release the next few weeks.

Facebook gets the full attention of the peaceful protesters who called Bersih 2.0 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on last Saturday, June 9, 2011. This is related to a highly repressive behavior by the security forces of Malaysia.

The protesters would not have another channel to their speaking rights to the party in power, the voice of protest and anger spills channeled through the status updates on social networking sites in cyberspace, Facebook.

Who were the rulers to whom the protesters? Who else if not the Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, he was asked to be resign from his position regarding the conduct of elections in Malaysia.

It’s scary to see the attitude of tough security forces, police disperse protesters, chaotic. Approximately a thousand five hundred protesters were arrested and detained by the police. So brutal, the protesters fired upon with tear gas, stormed and beat.

Even reported one of the protesters died of a heart attack during the riots could not be inevitable from the crowd and police raids.

The features available on social media sites Facebook is Pages feature that allows to create a page that contains such a petition or appeal to a particular issue, for example, in rallies in Malaysia, there are many new emerging Pages, Pages like “100.000 Request Najib Tun Razak People Resignation” support immediately by the sign button “Like” from more than 140.000 Facebook users two days after the incident.

Likewise, emerging Pages “Say No to Najib”, then Pages “1,000000 Mahu Najib Cuba Tear Gas Sendiri”.

It’s not a rare news when social media sites turn into new areas of resistance to an adverse ruling regime people, look at the great influence of social media sites in the Middle East countries, a government may collapse because of information via social media sites are so quick to rally support moral and social resistance.

World of increasingly open and the authorities could no longer arbitrarily set a state as if the people do not know what happened.

Malaysia is implementing stricter controls on journalism (based on a survey conducted by Freedom House in 3 years), but people in different countries can now freely choose the news they want and are all available in cyberspace/internet including a rapid flow from one news account on social media sites to spread rapidly to millions of other facebook account.

The issue was whether the authorities aware of the development of an increasingly transparent world?

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(Various sources Kompas/Image CC)


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