The eruption of Mount Lokon has not stopped

Mt Lokon EruptionThe atmosphere was so tense in the Post Disaster of Lokon Eruption, they continue to work hard to find the best way to help and provide assistance to approximately 5,000 refugees, mostly from rural village of Kinilow and Kakaskasen. They returning relocated the refugees to a safer place on Sunday, July 17, 2011.

Some refugee camps are scattered in 23 evacuation point at the Balai Pertemuan Umum (Village Hall) and Unima. Meanwhile, officials of Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation, Kristianto stating the status of Mount Lokon, 1689 meters in Tomohon, North Sulawesi is still in alert status.

Activity of Mount Lokon is still in the phase of eruption, so that its status has not been lowered,” he said Friday. Visually, the gusts of smoke was observed about 50-100 meters above the crater rim.

Communities that experienced the disaster are expected not to panic with all the emergency response team effort, but learn to adapt in the face of disaster.

refugeesMount Lokon activity is difficult to estimate, people should be alert. The mountain is giving signs of activity, lava and volcanic ash needs to be watched. Some times people feel the vibrations caused by volcanic earthquakes recorded, is also still feels fine tremor vibrations. Since its eruption on July 10, 2011, there is always the possibility of an unexpected eruption again.

We hope people do not succumb to this unfortunate situation, a sense of solidarity with the still needs to be raised to help people who are directly around the site.

Volcanic ash looks more spread out as far as 3 kilometers and it has a direct impact on population health. Local government hopes that the community can work together in a situation that continues to grow.

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