Dog attack Shark fish

dog bites sharkMany times these video clips are repeated on the private television and attracted the attention of many people, dog bites shark! Just imagine we are going to wonder why this can happen.

Both of these animals live in different nature but they have to fight in one habitat, and surprisingly without any fear of the dogs plunge into the sea and attacking and biting a shark that was swimming close to shore.

A small town Broome, Western Australia, around 1,650 kilometers from Perth where the dog belongs to Russle Hood-Penn seemed repel some sharks closer to shore. Suddenly a dog jumping into the sea and swam up to herd the shark then bit one of the unfortunate fish.

For the shark itself certainly is not going to be an enjoyable experience for the fish, the shark never expected to be attacked by dogs of different habitats, might be a shark had been too confident that the dog will not dare to enter the oceans around it. The fish was beguiled by the dog.

It can not be believed!” says Hood-Penn, he was surprised at what is seen in front of the eye and he had time to record all these events.

Dogs do have animal instincts as a hunter, for example we often see dogs used to drive a herd of cattle on a farm. The dogs will soon be barking if any cattle out of the flock and the cattle will soon be back to the herd.

All of us did not think it could happen, but a trained dog might have dared to do so and an unlucky day for the shark.

Brave dogs

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(Source Kompas July 22 2011, YouTube/Image YouTube)


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