Zhang Ziyi one of the World’s Most Beautiful Actress 2011

Zhang ZiyiNo one doubts if the China’s industry film continued to writhe, various films where actors and actresses continue to produce new talent. One of those actresses Zhang Ziyi has ever known in the film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” which also received best foreign film’s Oscar awards, obtaining the rank-6 in a row of ten flawless actress in the history of world cinema.

Beijing-born Zhang Ziyi February 9, 1979 is a Chinese film actress who achieved fame in the U.S. film industry, especially Hollywood with some of her films than “Crouching Tiger”, like “Rush Hour 2” and “House of Flying Daggers”. In fact she is awarded the BAFTA Awards and Golden Globe Award nomination.

Being pretty much an actress who just might have it, but the acting ability that brought her under the spotlight of various film circle. As written in the Sin Chew Daily, she became the only actress from Asia into the world’s most beautiful actress in a row.

Zhang ZiyiZhang Ziyi own educational background in accounting, when she was 8 years old learn to dance and joined the Beijing Dance Academy and at the age of 15 she won a National Youth Championship Dance and began appearing in television commercials in Hong Kong. From there her name increasingly recognized and continues to rise and career in the film world after 1996 continued her acting education at the China’s prestigious, Central Academy of Drama.

Of course back her acting skills that made her glance the various producers and directors of the world, the latest film which is in a movie called “2046”.

The film is a blend of romantic stories and science fiction classic by director Wong Kar Wai. The love story between the present world and the fictional world of the future in the year 2046 that explored the depths of human passion and heartbreak. Zhang Ziyi plays Bai Ling’s character, a woman who became lovers of a writer, Chow.

Interesting story about the power of the future role and setting. In this film re-tested with both her acting and she again received rave reviews from film critics.

Congratulations Zhang Ziyi!

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