Is the extreme forecast in the movie “Waterworld” will happen?

Melting Arctic IceDo we still remember or ever saw the movie “Waterworld” produced in 1995? Waterworld is a science fiction movie starring by Kevin Costner is about the future, the polar ice has melted, and the earth completely covered by water.

As quoted from wikipedia site is told that the man who survived the conflict, but have confidence that the dryland is still there somewhere.

The mutated Mariner is the main character played by Kevin Costner himself trying to convince another character who played, Helen (Jeanne Tripplehorn) that the land once inhabited by mankind was completely covered in water as high as 2 km. The Mariner took a dive and bring it to the bottom of the ocean and see the sunken city.

What is the implied message of this movie? Earth a time will be covered in water when the man does not keep it out of all the possibilities that makes the earth’s poles melt completely. A risk to be borne by all descendants of humans in the future.

WaterworldA message delivered by the National Geographic said that the melting Arctic ice cap this year is very fast, approaching record levels that occurred in 2007 according to observations made by Roshydromet, environmental agencies from Russia.

Reported on August 4, 2011 yesterday, the amount of ice-covered area has been reduced by 50 percent from the average by the amount of ice is currently about 2 million square kilometers, below the average from 1979 to 2000.

Ice extent measured even far below the vast sea of Russia in the Arctic, such as the Kara Sea (56 percent) and Laptev Sea (40 percent), the Chukchi Sea (35 percent), and the East Siberian Sea (14 percent). Ice is said to only cover an area approximately 6.8 billion square kilometers.

As predicted and whether the effect of melting of the Arctic is the effect of global climate change that occurs with varying intensity each year, who is responsible now?

Ice melted and the greater the capacity of sea water will rise sharply, the reactions to the whole of humanity when the extreme forecast in the movie “Waterworld” is really happening?

Are we humans do have a concern about it or wait until it happens. And it will be too late!

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(Source Reuters, National Geographic Indonesia /Image CC and


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