London riots and looting, why are these happens?

London is a dynamic cosmopolitan city with a population of a peaceful and the most polite manners in the world with three magic words, “thank you“, “please“, “sorry“, on Saturday, August 6, 2011 disturbed by the rioting and looting.

Starting from north London, Tottenham, spread to various cities in Britain, such as Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Wolverhampton and even to other cities, Salford, Gloucester, Bristol and Leicester.

Shootings and police raids that resulted in the death of a criminal, Mark Duggan, triggered riots in north London, most of youth resident angry and then do the destruction, looting and arson.

London is a dream city and capital of the British built the Roman Empire in the past, called Londinium’s, the population now consists of various ethnic, cultural, religious and speak nearly 300 languages, making it the most cosmopolitan and dynamic cities in the world that was lame.

Why are these happens? London police have started making arrests and issuing photographs of alleged perpetrators of the looting and rioting. True most of the photo is a photo of the blacks suspect, but also later revealed the rioters and looters were not only those who were black, but also the yellow and brown (Asian) and the white people.

Who is to blame then? Are minorities? “The violence is linked to the race. Why is this ignored?” was written by Katharine Birbalsingh, a black teacher in London, at The Telegraph online. She emphasized that the London riots and then spread to a number of other cities is about race.

Is this true? Seen that there are fundamental problems related to socio-economic problems there, an expression of young people discontent against the government of British are now. The youths – who may be unemployed or feel excluded from society – it follows the “party of looting“.

Dissatisfaction was exacerbated by high unemployment, lack of employment opportunities, and cutting welfare benefits due to government austerity measures related to European economic crisis.

Professor John Pitts, criminologists who advised the local government of London, the riots as happened today is a very complex process and can not be described simply as “pure criminality“, most of the rioters came from pockets of poverty, which has no fear of losing whatever.

They do not have a career to think about. ‘They’ are not ‘us’. They live in the suburbs, angry, disappointed, and able to do something bad,” said Pitts.

(Various sources Kompas, BBC /Image CC)


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