Goodbye Rainbow Warrior II

Rainbow Warrior IIAdventure story of the legendary ship –Rainbow Warrior II– already ended, often used by Greenpeace activists in their action against acts of environmental destruction, after a voyage through the seas for 52 years.

On Tuesday, August 16 in a ceremony in Singapore, the Rainbow Warrior II end the action for 22 years as a ship owned by an international environmental organization that supports the activities of Greenpeace.

The ship was subsequently renamed Rongdhonu (‘Rainbow‘ in Bengali) and run the new function as a vessel of health services and emergency assistance along with a nongovernmental organization in Bangladesh, Friendship.

waving to the rainbowNo longer can we meet a dolphin mascot contains a time capsule located on the bridge of the Rainbow Warrior II, a compass and bell legacy of the Rainbow Warrior I was released. The last few days, the symbols of the greatness of the Rainbow Warrior starts off one by one.

No more rainbow colors burst with a white dove that flew a twig of olive leaf. All the memories of a long journey of this environmental activist group, while sailing the first time in 1989 replacing the Rainbow Warrior I, which was bombed by French secret agents in 1985.

Greenpeace today remains its commitment to maintain its independence and has never received funding from the government, governmental agency, or any company.

the rainbow warriorIn the world there are 3 million supporters of these environmental organizations and about 30,000 people in Indonesia to become an individual supporter, so until now Greenpeace has the power to do a global campaign.

Greenpeace activists in Indonesia come from Indonesia, who are not willing to Indonesia’s environment undermined by the greed of certain parties, do not care if the destroyer is an Indonesian or a foreign person who can destroy the species of flora and fauna treasure in this planet (there is 10-15 percent in Indonesia) are threatened by environmental destruction.

Now they have a new ship and their actions in the future, Rainbow Warrior III planned to be slid in October 2011, along with the 40th anniversary of Greenpeace.

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(Source Kompas and others /Images Greenpeace)


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