Say Goodbye to Moammar Khadafy!

Tripoli after KhadafyHe did not survive much longer after the rebels with the help of NATO air strikes took the city of Tripoli, the Libyan capital, despite the enormous ego still has a determination to provide resistance and vowed to transform Libya into “volcano, lava, and fire“.

An example of a big ego of a leader who has spent too long in the seat of power, so the chair was already like a sticky in the butt, would not let go, he forgot that his own people are bored with all his behavior is far from a dream about how a country is run.

It is quite surprising to see the struggle of the rebels in the Libyan, they fought hard, even out to several locations in the east of the country until Benghazi, but the determination to change to make them able to come together again to replace a regime that is often massacring its own people, the Lybian rebels landslide victory in Tripoli.

They over powered the Bab al-Aziziya complex in which there is Moammar Khadafy residence, Tuesday evening, August 23, 2011. Who is not happy with their success? Celebrate by firing into the air continuously from the vast complex, free to come out and in the Lybian opposition taken controlcomplex of the former residence of Libyan ruler, screaming, carrying weapons and ammunition taken from the building complex.

The atmosphere around the capital city of Tripoli looks so festive with shouts and the sound of machine guns, the rebels destroyed the statues, including an old golden statue-shaped hands that squeezing U.S. warplanes.

Look no further turbulence in the complex power in the so-called guarded by hundreds of Khadafy loyalists. Bab al-Aziziya complex was reported to have a number of underground tunnels that connected with several important locations in Tripoli. Inside the complex there are a number of military buildings, Khadafy residences, libraries and government offices.

Libyan will change after the opposition took power there, would not be a smooth transition of power from one ruler to a new, similar things happened in Tunisia and Egypt, all require a process and the people once again have to wait, but once it did not linger long. They are tired of leaders who easily forgotten their people.

(Sources Kompas, Reuters /Images CC)


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