Hurricane Irene makes ‘US Open’ maybe delayed

Roger FedererUS Open Grand Slam Tournament, August 27-September 11 may not be contested according to time, this is due to the danger of Hurricane Irene that expected through New York on Sunday, August 28, 2011.

Some well-known tennis players, such as Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic, have canceled their press conference, while the security forces preparing to close the door matches arena in Flushing Meadows to prevent the worst when the storm struck.

The same is seen in the former world number one from Swiss, Roger Federer, he admitted that he worried about the threat of hurricane Irene who will pass through New York’s last days, where some of his family also live in this city.

Pretty scary because we do not know how big this storm,” said the Swiss tennis player.

Hurricane IreneHurricane Irene is predicted as the 2nd grade categorized with the wind speeds of 160 kilometers per hour, is expected to reach the coast of North Carolina on Saturday before turning to the east coast to Washington, New York, and Boston which has a densely populated residential area for more than 65 million people.

As is known from the AFP news agency, tens of thousands of people along the East Coast of the United States must evacuate, Saturday, August 27, 2011 yesterday, they left the house and vacation spots before the coming of Irene storm that estimated to be horrible.

The threat of storms that have caused authorities to close all the airports in New York, passenger transit systems, rail service, and business centers. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has ordered a mass evacuation in a scale that has never happened before and closing of subway service.

Peoples in America today hoping that the storm could soon subside on Sunday night, but the committee is considering the possibility of US Open tennis tournament matches resignation of time, where the storm caused damage to the pitch of the game.

We continue to follow the situations and continue to stay if the environment remains safe,” said Federer.

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(Source AFP, Reuters, Kompas, detikNews /Images CC)

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