Living habitable Planet other than Earth?

Living habitable Planet

Humans would often wonder if there is only one Earth in the universe so vast and infinite, it has been many expeditions into space and always be hard to find the answer.

Never stopped trying to find possibilities in space out there, probably just found something, it has found a planet similar to Earth and is considered living habitable, the planet Gliese 581d previously also been found with High Accuracy Radial Velocity instrument Planet Searcher (HARPS), the European Southern Observatory in Chile and a longer though still controversial, the planet Gliese 581g.

Astronomers working hard in their studies and then return to find Earth-like planets and the possibility of living habitable planets called HD85512b, a planet orbiting an orange dwarf star at a distance and there are 36 light years from our solar system in the Vela Constellation.

HARPS instrument have shown that HD85512b 3.6 times Earth’s mass by fitting the distance to the parent star, allowing the existence of liquid water on its surface, it can be said for it is in the habitable zone is not too hot and not too cold.

Green Water in Gliese 581dThe distance is right at the limit that allows you to have water in liquid form,” said Lisa Kaltenegger of the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, as quoted from National Geographic, Tuesday, August 30, 2011 with a little distance farther than the distance Venus to the Sun, is to receive energy (heat) more than its star than the planet Earth.

Another finding says that the planet has at least 50 percent cloud cover to reflect heat from its star, preventing excessive heating. This cloud cover close to the Earth, which average about 60 percent. Indicates the existence of Earth-like atmosphere with nitrogen and oxygen, with a mass less than 10 times the Earth mass.

In addition to about the size and distance, there are other factors that make the planet HD85512b can be regarded as habitable planet, which the planet orbits is approaching the circle, allowing a stable climate and older than the Sun so that the less active, reducing the risks caused by electromagnetic storms.

Interested to go there? Forget it, man must have felt strange because of the warm condition of the planet, humid and gravity are 1.4 times larger than Earth.

Or for people who are accustomed to the weather conditions, such as in Africa or in desert areas may not be surprised by the weather on this planet, but still far enough away, right?

(Source Kompas, National Geographic /Images CC)


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