Orgasm Travelling to Heaven

Quiz on Radio NederlandThat’s the news presented on the portal site, September 6, 2011 as quoted from Radio Nederland online version in an article last weekend, of course this is not a mere expression of advertising, but this is an interesting offer.

The article on the radio also mentions, that the organizer is a commercial sex services company in the Netherlands, participants can be from any country, anyone can join. The winner will get to enjoy a special prize as they boarded on the jet accompanied by a ‘person‘.

Who is organizing the event? A Dutch escort company, Girls Company, opened a new service: sex in the air by creating a contest that gives an opportunity for everyone to tell a story, based on personal experience, about the most exciting places to have sex. For example in the change room at a shop, warehouse, office and others.

Girls CompanyThis step was taken in response to frustration because of the business (sex) is often viewed negatively,” said company director, Wouter van der Heijden, as published by the De Telegraaf, this is the case in the Netherlands, on charges of commercial sex services business is often involved human trafficking.

Sexual services priced in the air was 6,000 euros (or USD 72 million) each way. The aircraft will be circling over the Dutch airspace. More info, the 6,000 euros was just a standard package.

Whether such services are offered through the contest could be a boom for the company’s revenue in the city of Amsterdam, but for those who like to call the man or woman service, feel the experience of enjoying sex in the air will certainly be a wonderful experience.

(Source Kompas, Radio Nederland /Images CC)


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