Tatooine-like planet with 2 Suns

Kepler-16b with 2 sunsFor the “Star Wars” movie fans is told that Anakin Skywalker and his son Luke Skywalker lived on this planet, Planet Tatooine with two suns. Can imagine then how the person on the planet can enjoy the sunset or sunrise twice.

The film told that the planet Tatooine is a desert planet in a binary star system. It once had large oceans full of marine based life and a world-spanning jungle, but this biosphere was destroyed when the myopic Rakata razed the planet, drying up its riverbeds and boiling away its oceans.

Well, it turns out the planet in this sci-fi movie then it really exists in the universe with conditions similar to those depicted in the film.

U.S. astronomers announced the discovery of a planet with two suns in the latest scientific journal Science, Thursday, September 15, 2011, named Kepler-16b. The size is almost the same planet as the planet Saturn in our Solar System, and is located about 200 light years from Earth at a distance of about 105 million kilometers from the two parent star, and has an orbital period of 229 days.

Luke Skywalker in TatooineThis discovery is very surprising. Once again, something that used to exist only in science-fiction story, has now become a reality,” says Alan Boss of the Carnegie Institution for Science Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, one of the astronomers who wrote that scientific article.

Is there any chance people could live on this circumbinary planet (it circles a binary star system)? It seems difficult to be realized, because the very low surface temperatures, which ranged between minus 73 to minus 101 degrees Celsius.

Our mind on this planet atmosphere would have been two suns will be very hot temperature, it turns out the opposite, both the size of the parent star is much smaller than our sun and emits less energy. The mass of the star is only one fifth of the mass of the Sun, and the second star only has 69 percent of the mass of the Sun.

Privileged planet solar system in this environment is the beauty of space with both the sun orbiting each other of them, and the planet are also orbiting its two parent star in the orbital period of 41 days. Beautiful dances in the sky!

(Source Kompas, AP /Images NASA, wikipedia)


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