Raising the Breast? Slap it!

Tobnom SongkhlaThe humans idea has no limits in all aspects as long as they really want to look for it. Women are apparently quite sensitive to their specific organs, the breast. Of course, it meant to make them look more attractive in the man eyes.

Breasts have a function that honorable in the history of human life development, but on the other hand they had a sexual attraction function that fascinated the man eyes. Women have many ways to make this organ looks great.

Well, a natural health practitioner in Thailand, Khemmikka Na Songkhla, 44, known by the nickname Khunying Tobnom, apparently has a unique therapy in raising the breast, by way of slap. Wow

Traditional therapies for raising the breast size without the help of surgery, she was only asking women to undress and open their bra then squeezed, massaging, punching, and pounded the area. “Breast slap ” therapy work by lifting the fat from one area to another, squeezing the excess fat to the breast.

The Course ProgramShe also provides other therapies, such as the “butt slap” and “face slap“, for six treatment sessions with a duration of 10 minutes in the Tobnom Clinic, subscribers must pay about 11047,15 Baht (368,75 USD) with the requirements should only be on women with at least 18 years of age.

Our ancestors did not share this technique, because in the past women do not care about the size of their breasts,” said Songkhla while ensuring their clients will enlarge breast size a few inches after being slapped, if the original (circumference) of breast is only 75 cm, after the therapy will be enlarged to 80 cm .

We would soon know that woman really liked this therapy, because the results obtained are very fast, and safe for the female body.

Whether such therapy can be performed on men with slapping their own organs? Certainly need someone who can answer it.

(Source femaleKompas /Images Bangkok Post)


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