Is There a Seat Number 13 on an Airplane?

Ticket Seat Number 13This photograph from the portal site today show air passenger ticket of Batavia Air with number 13A and 13B to passengers from Jakarta to Pekanbaru, Sunday, September 25, 2011.

The passengers of course feel wonder, Mrs Mardiana and her husband, at first she was surprised and then take them for granted, even though she wanted to ask the desk ticket officer.

Do we ever know about this? According to the story there is no passenger seat on an airplane which numbered 13 in the world, although many do not believe, but the superstition in the universe is believed the number 13, is associated with bad luck or a terrible event.

Is this true? Is there on board on the Batavia Air?

Batavia AirMrs Mardiana and her husband entered the plane, it turns out numbered seat 13 does not exist. Once the seat number 12, which is in the next row of seats is numbered 14, she immediately asked the flight attendant about the ticket number, Ira Maei. The stewardess also amazed!

There is no number 13 on this plane, there is an error, but you can sit on seat 14A and 14B just this once,” said Ira.

Luckily there are still two vacant seats on the plane so that incident seat number 13A and 13B can be resolved by the airline ground staff.

A flight attendant, Juni said that there was indeed a Batavia Air plane in Indonesia which has seat number 13, but why only Mrs. Mardiana and her husband, who gets the seat number 13?

The world is strange, the flight in the world do not have a seat number 13 in the plane. Yet human beings are flying into space. 13 is a sequence of numbers, what happened to the millions billions of money with number 13 points behind?

(Source Kompas /Image Syahnan Rangkuti-Kompas and Batavia Air)


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