Ashton Kutcher’s New Mistress?

Sara LealCelebrating the birthday of marriage for each married couple is certainly a wonderful moment that awaited, including of course for Demi Moore and her husband, Ashton Kutcher.

Awaited day for celebrating the sixth wedding anniversary on Saturday, September 24, 2011 last week, Demi Moore, 48, impatiently awaiting a gift from her dear husband, but there was less good news spread in some media about the behavior of her husband, Kutcher, 33 years.

Kutcher apparently could not resist the surge of his desire to see the blooming flowers in the garden, some pretty girls reported being present at a party held by him, the party took place at a hotel suite, the Hard Rock Hotel, San Diego.

As told by some source, just a day before he celebrated the wedding anniversary, Kutcher held a party at a Diamond Suites hotel at 1200 square feet with outdoor Jacuzzi together with the girls in it, completely naked.

This party may not be a big problem, but one of the girls there seem to secretly tell her sexual experiences with Kutcher, the girl told her friend, Gavin Naumoff, 23.

Naumoff dealer known as flawless women to some location of ‘hot’ in the centers of celebrities world, and the girl named Sara Leal. Naumoff said that his friend, Sara Leal trustworthy, “She is a ‘great girl’,” a wild girl who likes a party.

Sara is a woman who knows what she wants and the firm gets what she wants,” said Naumoff.

No wonder when Demi Moore burning jealousy, her dreams had shattered like to celebrate the wedding, her husband was getting mad and forget about her. She will do something to punish her husband.

We’ll never know, just wait!

(Source Kompas, dailymail /Image


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