10 Most Important Works of Steve Jobs

iPad launchDespite not completing his education in college, Reed College, Steve Jobs is able to produce a wide range of products with more than 300 hardware and software patents. The following products are the most of his important works:

1. Apple I (1976) – Computers that are aimed at computer enthusiasts and engineers is the first Apple product, produced very limited. This product is designed by Steve Wozniak and Jobs in charge of looking for funding as well as adjust its marketing.

2. Apple II (1977) – One of the first successful personal computer products. Apple II was designed to be mass produced, not only for engineer or hobbyist (enthusiast). Steve Wozniak’s design style is still strong for this product. Apple II continued in production until 1993 and its ability to continue to be improved.

3. Lisa (1983) – A visit to Xerox Corp. Research Center in Palo Alto has inspired him to start the first commercial computer project with a graphical user interface, which uses symbols icons, windows, and controlled by the mouse cursor. This is the basis of current computer interfaces. However, Lisa is still too expensive to succeed in the market.

4 MacIntosh (1984) – Macintosh has the same interface with Lisa. However, cheaper and faster and supported a very vigorous sales promotion. Upon the appearance of the MacIntosh, a new user realized easily using a computer with a graphical interface. This is what started the era of desktop publishing, with mix and match the Mac machines and laser printers.

Steve Jobs and iPhone launch5. NeXT Computer (1988) – Having had “kicked” from Apple, Jobs founded a company that produces great-powered computer workstation. The company failed to sell in large quantities, but NeXT always be remembered as the first computer in the world that has a web browser. The software became the basis of existing web browsers on MacIntosh and iPhone operating system until now on.

6. iMac (1998) – When Jobs returned in 1996, Apple is being “drowned” in line with the declining share of the PC market. IMac became a radical design that lifts Apple’s first step from the downturn. This device is designed in such a way similar to a bubble with blue plastic material in which there is a monitor and computer in one unit. iMac very easy to use and realize how useful the internet technology. Not only that, the iMac makes a lot of people want it as their first home computer.

7. iPod (2001) – This device is not the first digital music player equipped with hard drives, but it is the first as the most successful. Apple’s expansion into the realm of portable electronic devices carry a very wide influence. IPod’s success paved the way to prepare the music store iTunes and iPhone.

8. iTunes Store (2003) – Before the iTunes Store there, to buy digital music is very annoying. People prefer to piracy because it’s easier. Apple’s digital music store carrying all the ease comes with a collection of albums and music from various labels. In 2008, iTunes became the largest music retailer in the United States.

9. iPhone (2007)Apple’s smartphone brings the same experience with what is on MacIntosh to personal computing with the excess, which is a smartphone that is very easy to use. Currently Apple has become the most profitable vendor phone makers worldwide. Not only that, the iPhone becomes a benchmark/base of all the smartphones available today.

10. iPad (2010) – Before the iPad comes, many companies including Apple has made a tablet computer, but none were successful. iPad finally became a battering ram and change the perspective of a tablet computer as well as adding a new category of computer use.

Good bye Mr Jobs! People still remember all the things of your works!

(Source Kompas /Images Apple and peoplemeetme)


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