A Sexual Guidebook from OWC Malaysia

istri taat suamiA controversial organization in Malaysia, the Obedient Wives Club (OWC) (Klub Istri Taat Suami) who believes the secret of happy marriage is to obey their husband and giving them sexual satisfaction, re-publish a wife guidebook about the sexual behavior.

Of course this becomes controversy, look at the title that makes splashy, “Islamic Sex, Fight Jewish to Restore Islamic Sex to the World“, a book which opens with a clearly how sexual affairs carried out, OWC recommends that a polygamous husband having sex with his wife all together, excerpts from AFP news agency on Friday, October 14, 2011.

OWC stands on June 4, 2011 in Malaysia where they believe can “cure” social ills such as prostitution and divorce by teaching obedience to their husbands and make them happy in bed.

A member of this group said they had sex lessons with the aim to help the wives could “serve their husbands better than first-class prostitutes”.

Quite controversial and even in Malaysia this association has come under fire many parties. One of the women’s group Sisters in Islam Malaysia (SIS) which states, marriage is the basis of cooperation and respect. Domestic violence, said the group, continue to occur regardless of the attitude of women.

But they still tough, they go on, OWC Malaysia now has a membership of about 800 people more and other countries in Asia, such as Jordan and even in Indonesia.

This book is definitely a surprise for the Malaysian public, SIS Executive Director Ratna Osman called it a “cheap action” to seek popularity as well as local and international media attention, Ratna rate, OWC fails to see the demands of the people who want gender equality and advancement in education.

In addition to talking about servitude to their husbands and give them the best sex services, their (OWC) has not contributed anything concrete on the society is facing many problems,” said Ratna to the Malaysia Star.

Obedient Wives ClubLikewise, the Executive Director of Empower Maria Chin Abullah argue the existence of OWC as “a slap for women”. “Women contribute great for this nation, but OWC insulting us into mere sex objects,” says Maria.

Executive Director of the Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) Ivy Josiah judge a book was a “conspicuous manner” OWC for the money. Nevertheless, she added, she argued the book was not banned because everyone needs to free speech.

Kristi Poerwandari, female psychologist wrote in a web portal kompas.com, in July 2011 saying, which believes that there is full compliance with the wife to the husband can treat a variety of social issues. Wives should not simply be a skilled cook and a good mother, but also “obedient” and “provide full service” to their husband.

It is sad that demands total obedience is actually the wife of late voiced by women’s groups themselves. In this activity, psychological counseling, Kristi often meet women who are very depressed in their marriage because it was so busy making money due to the husband is unwilling or unable to be responsible, still persecuted because of the angry husband who washed the clothes due to “less clean” or food that is served less in accordance with the tastes of her husband.

In the advice we often hear of marriage still demands obedience in one direction from the wife to the husband. Given the very religious Asian society, religion becomes very internalized. Women are very afraid of sinning if they do not stick with it even if it means to feel inner conflict and a huge burden.

Fortunately, quite a lot of us who can still think with a mind as clear-crystal clear: the Lord recommends various values and practices of injustice? Are not women and men are equally human, who since birth has brought about fundamental rights and human dignity?

Corruption, poverty, pornography, widespread drug addiction has nothing to do with disobedience wife. Teach obedience in one direction from the wife to the husband to treat social problems are very far from the truth: that is, really simplify the problem, wrong direction and is a twit.

(Source The Star, Kompas /Images detikNews)


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