Khadaffy’s Final Trip

KhadaffyHe’s trying to survive in his hometown after obtaining the cordon of NTC troops, the conditions are not so good. His legs were severely injured, despite the medical aid was given but he had to stop, immediately.

Hometown of Sirte, a population of approximately 75 thousand people, located in northern Libya. With a height of 28 meters at sea level, Sirte empties into the Gulf of Sidra is the last common base of loyal supporters, the city struggles between groups of the Lybian National Transitional Council (NTC) versus Khadafy loyalists held tough.

He remained at first, but almost every day of his loyal troops had plunged the city strikes a hail of bullets, until Thursday, November 20, 2011, around noon local time, Sirte are in the grip of NTC’s army.

Moammar Khadaffy survive with persistent in his hometown, NTC troops entered the town and he was caught in a state heavily wounded in both legs, help does not give effect to his wounds, he died in the city of Sirte. An Al-Jazeera aired a video that proves that Khadafy dead.

In 1969 he was still a colonel, a field officer who has charisma, able to enchant all the friends and opponents, he seized power from King Idris.

pipe drainage in SirteBecome autocratic rulers in Libya and then abolish the Constitution of Libya 1951 and apply the law based on his political ideology. Power is almost 42 years has placed a ruler as the longest non-royal leader since 1900 and the fourth oldest Arab rulers as a leader. The claims also appear nicknames ranging from “Brother Leader“, “Guardians of the Revolution” to “King of Kings“.

Time goes by and little bit his power shrinkage, Libyan people can not wait anymore, sweeping reform of the African region a year ago that started from Tunisia, Egypt, to give effect get until the Libyans.

The civil war in Libya is inevitable, NTC troops based in Misrata moves to make changes, bombarding positions Khadafy loyalist forces, with support from the West through the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

It’s all over now, he returned to his homeland, Sirte, guns continue to bark, still trying to survive. Has completed its journey of his life under the regime. Goodbye, Khadafy!

(Various sources /Images detikcom, AFP)


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