The Last Moment with Marco Simoncelli

By Agung Kurniawan

The moment with Marco SimoncelliI got shattered hearing for the first time that Marco Simoncelli passed away yesterday. I had never imagined that my first experience of meeting the curly man born in Cattolica, Italy, at Pan Pacific hotel in Kuala Lumpur last Tuesday would be the last one.

The encounter took place as I was having a test drive instead of covering MotoGP World Championship. At the ocassion, Italian motorcyclist born on Jan. 28, 1987, took a preparation to join the championship at Sepang international circuit.

Eventhough I met him only for several minutes, I felt as if we had met before. We shook hands and posed together for pictures.

The Last Moment of SimoncelliHey Simoncelli, can we have pictures together, we’re from Indonesia?” I recollected the request proposed by me and other Indonesian journalists as we approached him.

He was not reluctant to lie his arm around my shoulder as well as have a friendly smile as we posed together before the camera. The other 5 Indonesian journalists around did not want to miss the chance to pose with him.

After taking the chance, I personally conveyed my compliment on his success as a runner-up at Phillip Island Grand Prix, Oct.16. “You’re great in Philip Island. Good luck in Sepang!

Thank you,” the “Super Sic” responded in a short reply and sincere smile. The last two words he mentioned are the most memorable experience I have ever had. So long, Super Sic, our prayers are with you!

KL, October 24, 2011
(Source /Images Ridwan and Autosport, AFP)

Agung Kurniawan. The Kompas portal media journalist in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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