A 120 Years Age is Not a Barrier and Married, Please!

Happy Family of NoorAge not a barrier to keep appearing in all weather, time continues to spin, do not need to worry, just enjoy it, just let it all!

A man aged 120 years, Haji Abdul Noor were married again to pursue happiness, do not hesitate, it was his motto. His wife had died six years ago. Loneliness seemed so tortured him, and he thought if nothing else care for him, then he will soon find a friend in the old days.

He met with Samoi Bibi, 60, in Satghori, a remote village in Karimganj, Assam state, as reported by the Times of India, Wednesday, October 26, 2011.

His childrens have certainly been busy, so they think to find a new wife for their father, “Shortly after our mother died, my father asked us to find him a wife to care for him there,” said Haji Azir Uddin, son of Noor.

In a quiet village, the elderly couples marriage has become a major event. The wedding was attended by more than 500 guests. The party is very lively, enthusiastic villagers attended the event which is considered unique, the whole family participates in attendance.

It’s not easy to find a wife for a man aged 120 years, Uddin admitted, “However, with God’s help, we managed to find a new mother even though she is half the age of our father. He never married, but her husband died and she was not blessed with children,” said Uddin.

A large family who have traveled far by Noor with his childrens, consisting of 122 family members, including two sons, four daughters, and many grandchildren. It does not matter to him, happiness is indeed necessary.

Who doesn’t want it?

(Source Kompas, dailymail /Image dailymail)


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