Obama and Batik Dress Code

Obama's batik in BaliThere is something that attracts attention as the country’s leaders who attended the dinner hosted in 19th ASEAN Summit in Convention Centre Ballroom Nusa Dua Bali, when President Obama wearing Batik dress code.

Batik itself has been recognized by UNESCO as not objects cultural heritage produced by Indonesia, in a series of events on September 28, 2009 until October 2, 2009 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Not objects cultural heritage of humanity is one of the three lists are made under the UNESCO Convention 2003 on the Protection of Cultural Heritage Not Objects for Humanity. In this case the traditional batik fabrics are recognized as rich in cultural values ​​as a traditional craft inherited from generation to generation.

In the dinner, not all the leaders wear batik, but when a United States President Barack Obama is willing to accept the “obligation” to wear batik in the show titled “Voices of Peace” was, of course, certain to raise the value of “summit” batik and will be the hot trends.

Batik does have its own place in the hearts of the guests of the summit, and Obama’s batik apparently able to give the charm of its own for the other guests there.

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(Source Tribunnews /Image D Alangkara, AP)


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