Nadia, former wife of Saif Khadafy?

Saif Khadafy and the GirlsAfter he was caught in the southern Libyan desert on Saturday, November 20, 2011 a few days ago, a story about him apparently has not ended.

This time it came the recognition of a Ukrainian woman with blue eyes and brown hair who claimed to be former wife of Saif al-Islam Khadafy, the first son of the second wife of Col. Moammar Khadafy. Nadia, the name of the woman has a remarkable story.

Nadia, 29 years, tells that Saif likes to do domestic violence, and fond of women and drugs, even though at first she tried to live a normal life just as the life of a family.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, Tuesday, November 22, 2011, she said, “I’m trying to have a normal family, but Saif wants to live as a man with many lovers and having partying at any time.

Our house looks more like a brothel, a lot of his friends and many women,” she said. “We got married on the basis of religious traditions, I embraced Islam, but no one treats me as a hostess. There is no respect at all. My husband was trying to make me as a woman who is subject to the East, and I can not stand.

Saif is like using drugs and has a deviation in sexual matters, especially as he likes to do it in public. A terrible event ever happened in a restaurant, Saif hit and threw her out the window, even if she survived, but she should be treated in hospital for 47 days, comma.

The incident traumatized her and she immediately end the relationship and returned to Moscow in 2008, although Saif then pick her up to it, but she did not want to do it again. Enough is enough! Her friends later told her to hide or she could face the danger.

When we parted, I just got my earrings expensive works sold for one million U.S. dollars. I live in Moscow with the money. Now almost nothing remains.

Many women think marrying the sons of wealthy or the crown prince of the Middle Eastern countries can bring them to the ‘1001 fairy tale nights‘, and even according to the course to embrace a new religion which then made only as a symbol and shield only.

They think it could change their lives, it did not happen.

(Source dailymail /Image dailymail)


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  2. It’s definitely a “let’s see what happens” stretch at the moment. It’s a tough road stretch and the O’s have to deal with some adversity.

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