Berlusconi’s Case drag Cristiano Ronaldo and George Clooney

BerlusconiApparently after his resignation from the post of Prime Minister of Italy, Saturday, November 12, 2011 ago to make way for an emergency government rescue of economic collapse, the case in the Italian courts increasingly crowded.

Italy, a country with the third largest economy in Europe, almost falling into the disaster last week, when 10-year bond funds surged past 7.6 percent. The same condition forcing Ireland, Portugal, and Greece asked for an international bailout.

Despite the country’s economic problems, Berlusconi is also not out of the case related to charges of buying services underage prostitutes, he was also accused of using his influence to cover up the crime of prostitution involving underage girls.

More than 200 people will be put forward as a witness in that case, among them famous names, the soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, actor George Clooney, and a former girlfriend who is a celebrity Italy, Elisabetta Canalis.

Berlusconi’s lawyer, Niccolo Ghedini, said Clooney and Ronaldo on the list of witnesses because a key witness mentioned the name of both, La Presse news agency reported. Clooney did not deny that he ever met Berlusconi at his residence to ask for help about Darfur. At that Clooney declined an invitation to a party that was held by Berlusconi.

As quoted by Time magazine, Clooney declared willing to be witnesses, but he added, “I was not present at the party ‘flowers’ is.

Karima el-MahrougIn addition there is also the list of witnesses a young girl that got people talking, Karima el-Mahroug, a Moroccan teenager who was accused of having sex with Berlusconi in exchange for some money.

Silvio Berlusconi denies, instead he tried to free her because he thought he was the nephew of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

This case is more interesting, of course, Berlusconi will try hard to break all the arguments of the witnesses against him, a hard work for his lawyers. Sure!

He was a figure and a former leader in Italy who had led his country for 17 years, and the charm of his football club AC Milan through his country’s borders.

He fell not because of political reasons, not because of corruption, and the alleged scandals, but because of market forces. Italy in debt, 2.6 trillion dollars!

As written by an Italian journalist, An Italian journalist, Beppe Severgnini, “Berlusconi is a ‘mirror’ of modern Italy, is not afraid to show off, lover of women and the ball, loyal to his friends, enjoy parties and tours. He shows the caricature Italian life. He himself caricature.

(Source Kompas, AFP, AP /Images askmen)


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