The Bali’s Monkey That Made Her a Big Star

Charmian Chen in BaliCharmian Chen, 22, a student and also a model would not have guessed when her holiday to Bali would be an unforgettable experience. That was fun!

The vacation is over there, she visited a famous place, the Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud, Bali, last month. This region is famous for its monkeys are left loose and can greet visitors.

Who would have thought then when she fed the monkeys, apparently there are two primates are “insolent” groping and making her clothes body sagging. Two monkeys were apparently saw a corn seed that fell on the upper Chen’s body. Primates are wanting corn seed.

Chen tried hard drive out of the monkeys, Chen felt ashamed and tried to cover herself as much as possible by using her hands.

Monkeys are smart enough to open her bikini top, two long-tailed monkeys make her breasts clearly visible.

Therefore the unexpected holiday from the news articles by the DailyMail and The Sun, Tuesday, November 29, 2011, embarrassed and felt silly that just has to make Chen’s so big star on the internet, the pictures made headlines in Taiwan and spread over the world, a number of television stations asking her to appear and speak about the incident.

Chen said, “I was on vacation and at first the pictures were just funny. However, when I returned to Taiwan, everyone tried to add me as their friend on Facebook. I think, is rather strange.

Great experience and the monkeys, in addition to hunger, were also interested in the bikinis worn by many visitors, especially brightly colored, they think maybe it’s fruits.

It’s okay for Miss Chen, that’s sometimes happen when having a holiday. Special experience!

(Source Kompas, Dailymail, The Sun /Image Caters News Agency)

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  3. Kencana Putri says:

    Dear Ms Chen,

    I interest with your articles. May I know your Email address ? I want published it.

    Thank you

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