Vienna International Sex School opens

Ylva-Maria ThompsonExciting news from Austria at a school with educational curriculum regarding matters related to sex.

As quoted from Dailymail, Wednesday, November 30, 2011, a Swedish woman opened a sex school in Vienna, Austria. Wooww.. Sex seems to be an eligible material is sold as a matter of educational services, and she herself became head of the school.

The curriculum will be the topics of interest to students, including “sexual positions, stroking techniques, and knowledge of anatomy.”

Most people might consider sex as a matter of private business and should be tried in a closed, but not by Ylva-Maria Thompson, born April 16, 1960 in Stockholm, an artist and former bearer of erotica event of a television program.

This school gave for going to school age, ie 16 years and the school cost about 1,400 pounds per semester and of course the students will be staying in dormitory that do not separate the sexes. Great!

Our education is not theoretical, but very practical. The emphasis is how to be good lovers,” said Ylva-Maria.

A school spokeswoman, Melody Kirsch, very confident that this school will be a great success, considering Ylva-Maria Thompson has been preparing since a long time to create the idea, of course the support from a variety of her friends relationships over the years.

But with the founding of this school thus caused a furore, with the provocative ads, the ad shows scenes of couples in love.

The authorities in that country course appear restless and then prohibits the ad. Several protester said that the ad promoted as sexual sales connotation. And that’s cool!

(Source dailymail, Kompas /Image

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