Internazionale de Milano Still Missing Mourinho

Jose MourinhoAfter European league almost half way into the round, especially the Italian League, Inter Milan sunk by occupying the 16th position in Serie A standings.

Of course this makes the Inter president, Massimo Moratti, who previously had to change the target position after a Champions League winners only, a harsh reality and it is not impossible it is also difficult to achieve.

Since the departure of Jose Mourinho at the end of the 2009-10 season, Inter Milan have yet to find a coach who can restore their glory. Starting from Rafael Benitez, Leonardo, Gian Piero Gasperini and now Claudio Ranieri until they’ve tried to restore the glory of them, but the results have not been as trhe owner expected.

The same is expressed by Inter Milan CEO Ernesto Paolillo, who admitted that his club is hard to find trainers who can continue the success already achieved by Jose Mourinho.

Mourinho, who despised by the squad coach competitors because all actions are provocative, but it is part of a comprehensive strategy in dealing with his opponents on the field later.

He’s like having two personalities, he was able to transform himself when entered into the world of football. Looks normal, but all the teams that had been under her care like this and be a disaster for a team other teams.

Since the departure of Jose Mourinho at the end of the 2009-10 season, Inter Milan have yet to find a coach who could restore the glory of them, “I say to you, to come after Mourinho would be difficult for any coach. Therefore, Mourinho is a coach who is very, very great. In addition, he received everything because he won everything,” said Paolillo told to

Although Inter there were currently under another famous Italian coach, Claudio Ranieri, anxiety Inter supporters seem to have abated, especially when viewing the results in the league last Serie A match against Udinese in their own base, the San Siro. Inter miserably defeated, 1-0.

Do not know then in times to come, Paolilo own trying to amuse himself, and tried to build trust with Ranieri and saw the whole performance in team building in the future according to the owners expectations.

Ranieri is now very good performance and I think he’s the right coach to start a new cycle,” he said.

So, let’s be patient!

(Source Goal, Kompas /Image totalsports)

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