The World’s Thickness Lip

Kristina Rei lipsKristina Rei, 22, apparently still not confident, in fact she is beautiful, but she wants to look better. Once in her opinion, her thin mouth and she decided to thicken her lips like her favorite cartoon character, Jessica Rabbit.

She immediately did lips implant, and Kristina seemed so addicted to these treatments. She continues to thickening of the lips, the cost of injection of 40 pounds for each session did not make it back.

I think I look fantastic, and it makes me happy. Sometimes people mock me on the street, such as thick lips, but I do not care. I want to be more extreme, like as a cartoon character. I’m addicted, but I like it,” said Kristina, who has spent a total of 4000 pounds for all of its operations.

She now feels more confident, so it can compete with her sister thick lips that was more beautiful. Dream since childhood when she was 4 years old, and she dreamed of going to thicken her lips. In the place of origin, Russia, ad-free silicone and botox appear on television all the time.

At the age of 17 years, Kristina underwent its first lip injections. She felt pain, but satisfied with the results. However, Kristina still need a few more times before getting lip injections like Jessica Rabbit who craved.

My lips are a big help to boost self-confidence. Even my parents are also happy for me. They do not care about my appearance. Some friends say I should not make it bigger again, but I’m not satisfied now,” said her who claimed to have never had a lover.

Since she has such thick lips, on the streets people often face with video recording phones. Not infrequently she was mocked as transgender. It was painful, but Kristina has reached the point where she did not care anymore.

She no longer hear people’s opinions, but she found the whole thing like a wind alone. For her as long as she can still eat, speak, and kissed normally, all is fine.

And now she was thinking also to raise a breasts cup from C to DD cup, changing the shape of her nose, and wanted pointy ears like an ‘elf’. Wow, this all seems a dream can come true, she became famous, of course!

(Source F Harmandini, femaleKompas, Telegraph /Image theshutters)


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