The Seductive Tintin Memorabilia

Tintin MemorabiliaAlong with a rousing welcome in the whole world about the movie The Adventures of Tintin is directed by Steven Spielberg, Artcurial Auction House in Paris reported on Saturday, November 26, 2011 the last, that they auction off items related to Tintin, Herge’s legendary comic character .

Some goods are sold several times the value of the estimate and other merchandise sold with a total value of more than 1.87 million euros. A great record relating to a fictional world figures are the work of Georges Prosper Remi, more popularly known as Herge, who read from the rear, RG.

One of the most popular items in the auction is the original drawing battle scenes in the Tintin comic book titled “Secrets of the Unicorn Ship” which is colored with watercolor. This image is expected to only be sold 35000-40000 euros, but it was sold for 168,900 euros, great!

In the episode “Flight 714 to Sydney” an original drawing sold on the supply end of the 90.100 euros, as well as a special edition episode of “Exploration of the Moon“, which was signed by Herge and the six astronauts who never actually go to the moon, sold 100,000 euros, or 10 times the initial price estimates.

Still other memorabilia, greeting cards made by Herge, Tintin and pictures with faithful dog, Snowy, waving from the red and white rocket that exist in two episodes of the comic journey to the Moon, was sold for 40,000 euros.

Tintin was always teasing his readers, a young journalist from Belgium named Tintin and his dog, Snowy, adventures to different places in the world, including Indonesia stopped in the episode “Flight 714“, the comic who worked from 1929 to 1983 sold more than 200 million copies in the worldwide and been translated into over 50 languages, making it one of the most legendary comic book history.

Tintin has become part of the lives of most people in various parts of the world, they grow and great fans along with the adventures of Tintin. His memorabilia course can help all memories of the deceased.

(Source D Fitrianto, Kompas, AFP /Image Tintin The Movie)


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