The breast that can save her life!

Sheyla HersheyA Super Bowl party on Sunday, February 5, 2012 would place a very festive evening, she might have a little drink alcohol just to warm the body. Vehicles on the highway is still quite busy passing out of the stadium, she wanted to get home in a hurry.

Although the influence of alcohol a little, but the desire was so great to got home, in the course of the floodlights of the cars on the streets getting her eyes.

And, suddenly… Buumm! Ford Mustang car allegedly crashed into a tree and then spun in the opposite side of the road with the track, then hit a tree on the way back to her home in Houston, Texas, USA. Sheyla Hershey, 31, the name of the woman, born in Brazil, resigned to the events of the collision, but the reality speaks, she escaped death in a car accident, even without injury.

Keep in mind, she had breast implants in the world, entered the Guinness World Records as the size of her breasts, the size of 38KKK, and the great airbag having an effect. The effect of airbags that protect the body from injury in the accident.

She stated that her big breasts have saved her life.

It is a miracle. I never thought I could save by my breast again.

Court immediately charge her, but she turned it down! On Monday, she was released from the Montgomery County Court in Texas with a deposit of 1700 U.S. dollars. He is scheduled to appear again in court on 28 March.

Sheyla, who had spent 100,000 dollars in the last decade to maintain her breast size, to the continued operation of this year to restore the breasts to the size of the MMM.

Do not have the breasts its same with killing me. My breasts have become a part of me and my handicapped without them.

(Source Kompas, Mirror, DailyMail /Image femminile)


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