Titanic in 3-D Movie?

Kate WinsletCan you imagine a movie that is so well known and included in one of the world’s best-selling movie, “Titanic” made back but in a format 3-D movie?

This is just great news! Even the star cast, Kate Winslet herself at odds with its manufacture. She felt that all that happened 15 years ago as if her mind back in and danced there.

The film, directed by James Cameron is where the female actor, who plays Winslet as Rose, collided acting with Leonardo DiCaprio.

It feels weird. You can imagine something weird?” she told to USA Today.

Winslet admits that when she watched the 3D version of the film Titanic throughout the 17 minutes, there was something she felt, when she saw her own body shape.

I really like, ‘Oh my God, it’s me.Please stop!’,” Winslet said that could not stand to see her figure so slim. Hahaa… Apparently this time she became so fat and realized her 15-year already passed.

Titanic 3D version will be released to cinemas on 4 April 2012, it will be exciting for her own while Winslet has had so much business.

She will be back in a another film with director Roman Polanski,”Carnage” And the fans do not worry, because she had just completed her newest film titled “Movie 43“.

(Source femalefirst, entertainmentKompas /Image filmschools)


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