All say ‘Goodbye’ to Houston

Costner in Houston's FuneralAfter the ceremony the service to deliver the departure of Whitney Houston that goes with emotion at the New Hope Baptist Church, Newark, New Jersey, USA, Saturday, February 18, 2012 to the funeral which was attended by close family and friends, are now left only memories in the hearts of all lover.

About 300 invited attended the ceremony closed meetings and pay their respects, including Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Mary J Blige, Forest Whitaker, Jennifer Hudson, Roberta Flack, Chaka Khan, Diane Sawyer and cousin, Dionne Warwick, act as a master of ceremonies to introduce the audiences that appear to deliver a speech and singing.

Kevin Costner, who became acting opponent with Houston in the movie “The Bodyguard”, 1992 delivered an emotional speech, “I ask all, both those inside and outside (the church), across the country and the world, to dry our tears, get rid of first all the sadness, and anger may take a moment to remember the sweet magic of Whitney,” he said.

Houston has a long career in the entertainment industry, even until her last days near Houston still trying to look back through the album and the song “I Look to You” in 2009, although her appearance was no longer prime. She was often sick.

Of course this is quite a contrast to her appearance when she first appeared, when she looks innocent, but looks stunningly with her beautiful timbre voices. “She has something special,” said Jesse Jackson, a black figure, which also had to fight a U.S. presidential candidate.

Houston has gone, the atmosphere was so sad when they let her go, a fan said, “I come here not just to attend her funeral, but also wanted to commemorate her life.

Fans around the world crying, they still remember her in their heart. They sang and danced with the people who love Houston.

Goodbye Whitney Houston!

(Various sources, AP/AFP/Reuters/CNN/DHF/Kompas /Image AP, CNN)


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